Denise and Randy's Wedding Donations

Randy Allison, my fiancée was diagnosed with Stage 3 colon cancer in early April 2013 after experiencing symptoms that caused concern and followed by a colonoscopy.  The day of the colonoscopy we were told that there was in fact an obstruction (tumor) in the sigmoid section of the colon that a biopsy had been taken and we would know the results in a few days.  The doctor did not hide his concern so we spent the next few days anxious and praying.  The results came back positive. I think only those who have sat in that place either as the patient or as the one who loves the patient understands what that news feels like.  It’s like getting hit with a baseball bat that you never saw coming. We took deep breaths and Randy immediately rallied into fighting mode.  A star track athlete in his youth and competitive air force officer, he dug deep and said, okay, "what's the mission, lets go". On to surgery to remove the tumor and again spend several tough days recovering and waiting for the word on whether or not the cancer had spread outside the colon or into the lymph nodes. Fortunately, no cancer in any other organs, lymph nodes were clean except for one microscopic tumor deposit that pushed him to stage 3 and the necessity for 6 months of chemotherapy. The hospital stay was full of complications, two blood clots in his lungs following surgery that made it difficult to breathe properly, finally sent home and ended up back in the ER with an extremely painful gall bladder attack that resulted in a few more days in the hospital. 

While in the hospital Randy was moved several times, one of which was into a critical care unit just below the intensive care level.  It was in a dark and old part of the hospital, the rooms were so small and full of equipment you had to walk sideways to get into the room.  Randy could hear other patients crying out for help but was in no shape then to provide assistance. He observed people that had no one to walk through this journey with them, no one to just be there when they slept so they didn't feel alone or take care of personal matters when the nurses were just too busy. He was deeply moved and left the hospital committed to finding a way to help these people.

On July 20, 2013 we are getting married! We discovered and were supported by the Chris4Life Colon Cancer Foundation when Randy was first diagnosed and believe that the Patient Support Program is a program that does exactly what Randy hoped he could be a part of in terms of helping others.

"By creating a strong triangle of care that includes their medical team, social work team, and peer mentorship team, the goal of the Chris4Life Patient Support Program is to ensure that every colon cancer patient gets the support they need and deserve."

In lieu of wedding gifts we are asking guests to make contributions to this amazing program and have worked with the Chris4Life to ensure your gifts do in fact go directly to help those most in need. Please help us honor our blessings and our love by contributing. Your donations will touch real lives in a personal and meaningful way.  We thank you for helping Randy achieve his goal of helping his fellow cancer patients who are fighting for their lives alone in the trenches.

- $200




-$ Other Amount as Designated