The principal goal of Christine Sapienza Colon Cancer Foundation is to permanently eliminate the threat of colon cancer through discovery of a cure. As long as people are dying from this disease, we will be at the front lines of the fight. To this end, we will fund cutting edge research so that the brightest minds and best institutions are empowered to cure colon cancer for good. Until then, Christine Sapienza Colon Cancer Foundation is committed to significantly improving the treatment experience for patients and caregivers, and to dramatically raising awareness about colon cancer in general. Following the inspiration of Christine Sapienza, we will utilize the arts as a means of integrating the mind, body and spirit in our approach. Working together we will build a culture of care and foster relationships with research institutions, advocacy groups, the health care community, and the general public.

We believe that

  • Finding a cure for colon cancer is achievable and is our most important long term goal.
  • Finding a cure for colon cancer requires drastically increased attention and funding.
  • Educating the public about early detection and screening is the best prevention for colon cancer.
  • All patients, regardless of socioeconomic status, deserve to be educated about and have access to the latest treatment options, including access to clinical trials.
  • Patients, families, and care givers deserve comprehensive and high quality programs to improve the care process and ease their burdens.
  • Volunteers and community partners are critical assets because we are more powerful together.
  • Having dedicated, knowledgeable and positive individuals serving in our organization at all levels will facilitate our work.
  • Arts are of the utmost importance as they inspire, empower, and strengthen.

We believe in

  • Life
  • The ability to triumph over tremendous odds
  • Research institutions and individuals that are passionately committed to finding a cure for colon cancer
  • Community organizations that support and strengthen the lives of those affected by colon cancer
  • Perseverance
  • Coalitions, alliances, and foundations already in existence that share our goals
  • Collaboration
  • The many compassionate people who give their time to our mutual cause for little personal gain
  • Compassion
  • The lives and experience of patients as they progress through treatment
  • The inner reserves of strength that inspire patients and caregivers
  • Empowerment

Together, we have an opportunity to make a real mark on the lives of our fellow human beings. We have the opportunity to help create a world in which colon cancer is no longer a threat. We have the opportunity to bring more empowerment, peace, and joy to the daily lives of people diagnosed with colon cancer and their caregivers, and to help them thrive no matter what the circumstances. Once a cure is found, we will continue our work by sharing our best practices with other cancer-fighting communities so that we can collectively end suffering from all forms of this disease.

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