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Finding meaning in my life after my husband's death

June 30, 2015

When her husband died of hemangiopericytoma, Lindi Senez knew she had to find new meaning in her life for her and her son. Find out what she's learned in her first year as a widow.

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My journey from MD Anderson dietitian to caregiver

June 29, 2015

When MD Anderson dietitian Debra Ruzensky's husband was diagnosed with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, she learned what it's like to be a cancer caregiver at MD Anderson.

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An MD Anderson time capsule

June 25, 2015

Founded in 2000, the Historical Resources Center is a collection of books, photographs, papers and artifacts about MD Anderson and the people who helped build the cancer center we know today.

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Lenvatinib brings thyroid cancer patient hope

June 23, 2015

Until recently, patients with radioiodine-refractory thyroid cancer had only one thyroid cancer treatment option. But thanks to a new drug called lenvatinib, that has changed.

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Why I love working to end cancer

June 22, 2015

Almas Hirani is proud to help cancer patients as an employee in MD Anderson's Sterile Processing department.

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How mind-body intervention specialists help our cancer patients

June 18, 2015

Our mind-body intervention specialists help our cancer patients by offering practices like yoga and meditation to complement cancer treatment and improve quality of life.

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After a terminal, metastatic diagnosis: Planning a longer life

June 17, 2015

After hormone treatments, injections, a radical prostectomy and lymphectomy to treat his metastatic prostate cancer, Bryan Frame is still here. Not only that, but he has reason to hope.

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New training for nurses bridges books and bedside

June 15, 2015

MD Anderson has started a nurse simulation training program. It gives new nurses role-playing situations with real cancer patients.

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Large cell cervical cancer survivor: Thoughts on my annual scans

June 11, 2015

Three years after her large cell neuroendocrine cervical cancer diagnosis, Stephanie Madsen has defied the odds. But she still gets nervous each time she comes to MD Anderson for her annual scans.

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After stage 4 lymphoma, a new lease on life

June 10, 2015

After undergoing thyroid cancer treatment, Kimberly Hill came to MD Anderson, where she was diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma.

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Traveling with my sons to MD Anderson

June 09, 2015

It's been almost four years since Linda Ryan's cervical cancer recurrence, but her two sons never traveled with her to MD Anderson until her check-up last month.

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How a Houston trainer is showing what a cancer survivor looks like

June 08, 2015

As a personal trainer, Houston native Claudia Schloeter has spent 18 years helping others get in shape, so she was shocked when she was diagnosed with breast cancer last year.

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First scalp and skull transplant completed simultaneously with kidney and pancreas transplant

June 04, 2015

MD Anderson doctors teamed up with Methodist Hospital in Houston to do the world's first skull-scalp transplant while performing a kidney and a pancreas transplant.

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Coping during gamma knife surgery

June 04, 2015

Gamma knife surgery was one of the most difficult parts of Kate Boone's cancer treatment. But with a sense of humor and meditation, she was able to cope.

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My meningioma surgery: Appreciating the gift of sight

June 02, 2015

Donis Laine was diagnosed with meningioma, a slow-growing tumor that threatened to take away her sight. Even though it's a noncancerous tumor she came to MD Anderson for her treatment.

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Are you at Risk For Colorectal Cancer?

  • 2nd leading cause of cancer deaths for men and women combined
  • Colonoscopies not only discover cancer, but can also stop cancer
  • 50% of Americans still do not get colonoscopy reimbursement
  • Colon cancer research is still vastly under-funded

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