In Honor and Memory of Kathryn Finn-Blume

From Kathryn:

When my time on Earth is up, I will not have "lost" my battle.  I've already won it!  I've had over 4 years to enjoy life since diagnosis.  I've made it to so many milestones in my children's lives and had special times with family and friends.  I've been able to educate a lot of people about the need for colonoscopies and the importance of knowing your family history and advocating for yourself if something is not right with your body.  Many friends and acquaintances have gotten their colonoscopies at my urging.  I've been able to help other patients by sharing my experiences.  I've been blessed to participate in building a wonderful community for patient and caregiver support through ColonTown.  I've met too many incredible people to count, all with their own unique cancer stories.  This is a WIN!  Not a loss.  Please remember that when the time comes.