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Christine Sapienza

1949 - 2009

Chris (Christine Madelyn Antonelli) – my beautiful, courageous sister! I was a little over 2 years old when Chris was born in 1949. Our family shared ethnic roots, both Italian and Lebanese (Syrian), so the concept of family was important and staying close to relatives was expected. I was too young to remember how I reacted when she was born, but there must have been the expected disturbance in my perfect world!

But I do remember being shipped off to relatives when Chris came down with a very serious kidney disease (nephrosis) and needed to spend time in the hospital. I can just imagine our parents’ fear and sadness having their world turned upside down. Even at three years old, Chris faced those days of uncertainty courageously and remained quietly accepting of the frightening changes in her life. She almost died, except for the lucky choice of a nephrologist who happened to be on the cutting edge of a new drug – prednisone. It ultimately saved her life at three years old and again during the couple recurrences of the illness during her childhood. The courage and acceptance she learned and practiced during those early years would be invaluable when she later faced an even greater challenge.

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