Let’s Talk COLON!

For the first time, COLONTOWNIES have our own place where we can freely speak our minds, actively encourage others, and from which we can provide experienced support for those suffering from colorectal disease.

COLONTOWNIES understand that when we provide support for others, everyone wins! Because there was no such community available in 2002, colorectal cancer survivor Erika Hanson Brown experienced alone her own disease, treatment, and its aftermath. The essence of the community-to-be took shape with her lonely experience. The steady growth of our own, engaged COLON community - made up of engaged patients/survivors, and carepartners - is the "stuff" of history!

Please feel welcome to join us in COLONTOWN!

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Have you been diagnosed with rectal cancer? Learn how to adapt from the experts here.

Carepartner Corner

Caregivers assemble here—sharing stories, asking advice from their own experiences.

Advocacy Avenue

COLONTOWNIES choosing to advocate for a better tomorrow gather here.

Stoma City

Ostomates live normal lives because of this life-saving procedure.

Healthy Gut Café

A place to chat about the latest trends in food, nutrition, and complementary therapies.

Yoga Den

Our yogi says "…just breathe… and we are strengthened and comforted.


A place for COLONTOWNIES predisposed genetically for developing CRC.

Poop Group

Our place for colon cancer survivors/patients.

Four Corners

Neighborhood exclusively for patients living with metastatic disease.

Fap Gap Family

Familial Adenomatous Polyposis (F.A.P.), a rare, genetically- inherited disease resulting in wide proliferation of polyps throughout the system.

Spiritual Center

The all-inclusive retreat in the COLONTOWN Community where we go for reflection, prayers, and spiritual offerings. All faiths, religions welcome!"

Hipec Heights

HIPEC type of hyperthermia therapy used in combination with surgery in the treatment of advanced abdominal cancers.

IBD Alleyway

Estimated to affect approximately 1.4M Americans, Inflammable Bowel Disease (crohn’s, colitis) discuss symptoms, new treatments, support.

CWC: Colontown Women's Club

Every town should have its own women's club, and this is ours.

Reconstruction Zone

Exclusively for women who've experienced vaginal reconstruction.


Don't even think about joining if you are over 40!

The Poker Club

Men only.


A different cancer, but sharing the same cultural taboos.

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