The Brush is Mightier Than The Sword: Fighting Colon Cancer with Art

The Brush is Mightier Than The Sword: Fighting Colon Cancer with Art

 Vishal Sandesara, Member, Chris4Life Young Professional Board


I probably spent three or four hours trolling the internet looking for really creative DIY ideas for painting on canvas a few days prior to Chris4Life's ArtJamz event, which took place Sunday, October 14 in DC.  I realize the contradictory nature of looking for something creative so that I could imitate it, making it not creative at all.  In any case, I was looking forward to and really excited about ArtJamz.  I wanted to come away with something I could "stick on the fridge", the fridge being one of the blank walls in my condo.  ArtJamz in Dupont Circle  is a well equipped art studio that allows first timers such as myself and seasoned Vincent van Bros to try their hand at being innovative and creative on canvas.  



ArtJamz, brought to you by Chris4Life's Young Professional Board, attracted attendees looking to raise money and awareness for colon cancer by spending an afternoon displaying their artsy sides on a beautiful fall Sunday.  The event was split into two afternoon sessions.  The budding artists were supplied with a canvas, an easel, unlimited paints and colors, and all sorts of other tools (wine, mimosas, and beer) to foster creativity and boundless imagination.  Many people knew exactly what they wanted to create, whether it be an homage to a dear, loved puppy or a drawing of a lush backyard landscape.  I went in with a handful of ideas in mind.  However I quickly realized that all the DIY ideas, tips and tricks that websites, forums and Pinterest (reserve judgement) provided were easier pictured on my iPad than done.  
In the end, I feel as though I created something that I actually am proud of, and will gladly display on my wall at home.  Others created some masterful works. I was actually impressed that no one was ashamed of their work at the end of our two hour session.  In fact, most of these newly minted artists were so confident in their work that they kindly offered to donate their artwork to Chris4Life so that it can be auctioned off at the 2nd Annual Blue Hope Bash on Thursday, October 25th at the Park Hyatt in DC.

Here's to the arts supporting the fight against colon cancer!


*Photo courtesy of Sarah Rendulic of The District Photography

Are you at Risk For Colorectal Cancer?

  • 2nd leading cause of cancer deaths for men and women combined
  • Colonoscopies not only discover cancer, but can also stop cancer
  • 50% of Americans still do not get colonoscopy reimbursement
  • Colon cancer research is still vastly under-funded

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