Ten Years and Counting...

Ten Years and Counting...


Ten years ago, I had a 6-year old daughter, a happy marriage, and a thriving and successful career. What I didn’t know was that I was about to embark on a remarkable journey and battle.


Unexplained and persistent pain is never a good thing, and after ignor- ing severe abdominal pain for several months, I finally went to my general practioner. Suspecting it was diverticulitis or appendicitis, he sent me for a CT scan. The results showed lesions on my colon and liver, but only the colonoscopy and surgery would confirm that it was Stage 4 Colon Cancer.


While faced with seemingly insurmountable odds (I don’t like to quote statistics, but my chances were 5% to live 5 years), I gathered my arsenal. Cancer was an unwelcome intruder, and I would need every arrow in my quiver to rid my body of it: Surgery. Chemotherapy. More surgery. More chemotherapy. Accupuncture. Natural medicine. But one can’t discount the other—and equally important—weapons: Supportive friends, family, and coworkers. Humor. Positive thinking. The need to see my daughter grow into a successful and beautiful young woman.


Fast forward ten years. I have a 16-year old daughter, a happy marriage, and the same thriving and successful career. I have also lived through a life-threatening disease, and have taken my passion and experience to the next level. As a proud member of the Board of Directors for Chris4Life, I am helping others faced with this dreaded diagnosis. I tell my story with candor and pride, and expect to live a long and fulfilling life—one that I hope will witness the eradication of this dreadful disease.


-Robin Lurie Braverman,

Director of the Board,

Chris4Life Colon Cancer Foundation


Are you at Risk For Colorectal Cancer?

  • 2nd leading cause of cancer deaths for men and women combined
  • Colonoscopies not only discover cancer, but can also stop cancer
  • 50% of Americans still do not get colonoscopy reimbursement
  • Colon cancer research is still vastly under-funded

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