Awareness & Prevention

Chris4Life Colon Cancer Foundation is committed to reducing the number of colorectal cancer patients through proactive awareness and prevention. One in nineteen Americans will be diagnosed with colon cancer; this is 150,000 per year. Of this amount, 60,000 deaths will occur annually from this disease, some even under the age of 50. Chris4Life is committed to being proactive in the fight against colon cancer, because this disease is 90 percent preventable. Unlike a mammogram or a PSA, which are about early detection, colonoscopies are about prevention. Colon Cancer is one of the most preventable types of cancer; because of this, awareness is crucial when it comes to colorectal cancer prevention.

Help Spread the Word

Starting in 2011, we produced both TV and radio PSA’s which have reached hundreds of thousands, stressing the importance of colonoscopies and raising awareness of colorectal cancer. This network has helped us hold around twenty awareness and fundraising events annually, attracting more than 10,000 community members. Chris4Life also has inspirational videos on YouTube and stories right here.


Get information on events throughout the nation to help raise awareness for colorectal cancer. We host annual Scope it Out 5K events in Detroit, MI; Washington D.C.; Pittsburgh, PA; Chicago, IL; New York City; Madison, WI.; Denver; and Salt Lake City. We have also hosted an Colon Cancer Rally on Capitol Hill in Collaboration with other colon cancer organizations, such as Colon Cancer Alliance, Get Your Rear in Gear, and Fight CRC. For information on many more events please visit our events page. To start an event in your community
please submit the Host Event form.

Early Detection Screening

  • With early detection colorectal cancer is preventable.
  • It is also important to remember that young people can get this disease too, don’t wait to get screaned.
  • Regulations for Screenings (Please look at our Screening Guidelines for further helpful tips regarding colorectal cancer screening options):
    • Colorectal screening is imperative for everyone at age 50.
    • If you have a family history of colorectal cancer it is recommended that you get a colonoscopy at age 40, or 10 years prior to when you relative got diagnosed with colorectal cancer.
    • If you are African American it is recommended that you have a colonoscopy by age 45.


  • People with a family history of this disease are more likely to develop it themselves.
  • Women with a history of ovarian, uterine, or breast cancer have a higher than average chance of developing colorectal cancer.
  • Colorectal cancer may be associated with a poor diet. Such as high consumption of red and processed meats, and low consumption of whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. It is also recommended that you intake the recommended levels of Calcium and Vitamin D.
  • Colorectal cancer may also be associated with a sedentary lifestyle and obesity.
  • Cigarette smoking, particularly long-term smoking, can increase the risk of colon cancer.


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Are you at Risk For Colorectal Cancer?

  • 2nd leading cause of cancer deaths for men and women combined
  • Colonoscopies not only discover cancer, but can also stop cancer
  • 50% of Americans still do not get colonoscopy reimbursement
  • Colon cancer research is still vastly under-funded

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